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Are you searching for the best place to learn Yoga Teacher Training in India? Answer to your question in simple words is Yoga Course School in India at Rishikesh, i.e., Rishi Yogpeeth.

Why choose Rishikesh for Yoga? Rishikesh is the best fit for healthy living in a peaceful environment. If someone wants to do a morning walk or do some exercise, then the person will think about an area full of greenery and nature's beauty. A place where someone can feel the fresh air, pleasant environment, and friendly people to spend leisure time.

Rishikesh in India is the best fit for all those requirements that can give peace of mind and lots of happiness. It is far away from the daily hectic running life. People have a very stable and healthy lifestyle. From the morning, you will see the spiritual followers near River Ganga. Sadhu or Sants are sitting on small mountain rocks and practicing meditation. The area surrounded by mountains with clouds floating on them. The melodious voice of birds and River will blow away all your tension and worries.

Everybody knows that morning time is best for doing yoga or exercise but in India at Rishikesh weather is pleasant all day long. You can take care of your health with Yoga Practice throughout the day. Many Yoga Schools in the World are situated in crowded cities full of pollution. What is the benefit of doing Yoga if the environment is not clean and peaceful?

We have seen people booking yoga teacher training from metro cities, and at the end of completion of their course, they question why the health is not improved or why they did not get the happiness from this healthy activity? They should think if they are not apart from the same hectic lifestyle, how they will feel the change in their body or mind.


Right Places for Yoga Teacher Training in India?

yoga teacher training in India


There are many places in India from where you can learn Yoga at Affordable price. Some of them in the top list as per tourist arrival number are Rishikesh, Goa, Dehradun, Jaipur to name few of them. You can choose any location as per your choice or suggestion. But we suggest Rishikesh because of its beautiful weather and surroundings.

Yoga Originated in India thousand of years ago, and from then onward it is continuously growing its popularity with time. People are getting faith in Yoga because it is capable of treating diseases that allopathy not able to cure completely. Rishikesh has many healthcare companies researching on Ayurvedic medicines. These companies find great ayurvedic herbs in Rishikesh or Himalaya region because it is best for the growth of incredible herbs due to weather condition.

You can choose any location, but nature has chosen Rishikesh for health and peace. If you want to get Nature benefit, then have to think and choose between big cities and Rishikesh.


Options for Yoga teacher training course in India?

yoga teacher training in India


You have many options for a yoga course in India based on the duration and style of yoga training. Most popular courses for yoga training are:

Our best pick is a 200 hour yoga course because it suits both trainer and students. Duration of 200 hour course is 26 days. Students joining course more than this much period get quickly bored with an extended schedule of around 60 days. So we suggest joining 200 hour TTC only. You have the option of 50 and 100 hours also but that does not give you a certificate from Yoga Alliance. To get a certificate student should complete a minimum 200 hour course.

Tourist coming for short duration convert this trip into a healthy one by joining 7 and 14 days yoga retreat in Rishikesh.

You can check out the details of our 200 hour teacher training course and book by following the below link:



200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh India



Food options available during yoga teacher training in India?

yoga teacher training in India


Based on the experience we have in teaching yoga and knowing the health of tourist, we have prepared a menu that will fit most people desire with health. We serve our student based on their intense yoga schedule. Usually, the student spends 8-10 hours in a day practicing yoga or other forms. With such high-level training standard student should be served with high-quality food that can help them stay active throughout their training period.

You will get sattvic and vegetarian food while training. If you want to eat something non-veg or any other dish, then the local market is nearby and very affordable. You can fulfill your desire from there also. But in Ashram, only vegetarian food is allowed, and it is quite necessary to learn the principles and discipline of a yogic lifestyle.


Accommodation during yoga teacher training course in India?

yoga teacher training in India


You will get neat and clean accommodation in Tapovan area of Rishikesh. It is the most expensive and hygiene place in Rishikesh, India. You can book rooms based on twin shared or private room. Usually, people book a shared room because it helps them to get in touch with other student and make new friends. Our both room options are enough spacious and with attached bathroom. You will get clean filtered drinking water throughout the day in School. For images and to understand the overview of our rooms and yoga classes, check out our gallery section.


Completion after certificate?

yoga teacher training in India


You will get the Yoga Alliance certificate after TTC completion. With that, you can easily register with Yoga Alliance as RYT200 and begin your new carrier journey.